Vapor Drive: “The Little Engine That Could” … revolutionize power equipment

By Craig Evans, Renewable Energy Consulting Services,

AGP Energy logoVaporDrive Technology

VaporDrive:  “Putting the Power Back into Power Equipment”


TODAY’S SMALL COMBUSTION ENGINE is at best only 60% efficient in converting energy from fuel consumed into work completed. 

The innovative VaporDrive engine is 95% in overall efficiency.  It has only 13 moving parts (see illustration below).  It is powered by a 42-volt battery system, which is largely recharged during operation of the engine; as a result, the engine burns no fossil fuels, consumes no oxygen, and is nonpolluting.

The VaporDrive is a new, easily-scalable, highly improved steam vapor engine based on traditional steam engine technology with modern enhancements in recirculating design, using highly dependable, durable and cost efficient advances in metallurgy, physics, geometry, chemistry and electronics.  The engine is closed loop, self-storing and recycling, and uses injected vapor as a fuel source for the work to be performed.

VaporDrive Fly Apart

The VaporDrive engine can be dropped in to existing products with few or no design modifications.  Its initial target market, therefore, is as an engine replacement for portable gasoline- and diesel-powered generators, water and sewage pumps and other workhorse engines that require long-running durability.  Because of its plug-and-play design, it offers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) the opportunity to make change incrementally, trying out the engine component in one or two product lines, then as consumer acceptance and demand increases, expanding to other lines.

VaporDrive has the additional benefit of offering more power and significant cost savings, since the VaporDrive can provide twice as much power as a gasoline engine and 60% more power than a diesel engine on a cubic inch displacement and weight basis, and can run as much as four times longer than standard gasoline- or diesel-powered engines without topping off its fuel supply.

Future expansion will include lawn and garden equipment, aircraft main power units, air compressors, heavy-duty self-propelled equipment, servo motors, recharging stations and specialty pumps.

Refined by a metallurgist who designed and produced high-performance parts for NASA shuttle boosters and the Long Duration Effects Facility (the LDEF Space Lab), VaporDrive has been proven in component and bench scale tests.

VaporDrive’s licensed owner, AGP Energy, is seeking  $1.7 million to build a working prototype to begin marketing the engine to OEMs.

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