American Diversified Energy (ADE) is a consulting company, helping others do their best.

ADE can provide as little or as much help as you need, giving you access to resources you do not have, offering guidance and input to help you do a better job, and taking the lead on the things you cannot, or do not have the time or necessary expertise to do.

ADE’s team and partner companies give you access to dozens of disciplines and specialized skills — including engineers, financial and marketing experts, writers, scientists, and more — to expand what you can do.

ADE can help you look your best with stellar annual reports, grant applications, proposals, and marketing and financial presentations so you can win projects, fund projects, deploy projects, and more.

While ADE’s focus is on energy, we have the resources and capabilities to help companies and communities with any project or discipline that requires:

  • writers, editors, copy editors, and a graphic designer;
  • RFP, grant, and proposal project managers;
  • a business case and market analyst;
  • financial specialists who can create — or review and improve — financial models and financial presentations;
  • engineers from multiple disciplines;
  • a scientist;
  • an R&D specialist for advanced fossil fuel technologies;
  • environmental and transaction attorneys;
  • a government affairs manager;
  • a registered lobbyist;
  • commercial-scale solar and aquaponics growing system designers and builders; and
  • several partner firms with specialized expertise.

For more information on how we can help, email or call us today:

  • Email: info@americandiversified.energy
  • Telephone: 202-750-0007



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