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Renewable Energy Consulting Services (RECS) can help locate grants, loans, loan guarantees and investors.

We make it our job to understand what grantors and investors are seeking, so we can show them how your project or idea fits in with their funding criteria and objectives.

We strive to help you spark interest by ensuring you have the proper documentation that is required by grantors, lenders and investors, and it presents all of your idea’s or projec’st details in a clear, concise and compelling way that communicates the information necessary for positive decision, along with  the enthusiasm and passion you feel for your project or idea.

RECS also offers services to complement its areas of specialty, including preparing business plans and financial models to concisely and clearly communicate your idea’s or project’s details, assisting with project management, and navigating state and federal agency requirements for renewable energy projects.

To learn more about Renewable Energy Consulting Services:

Visit our website: www.renewable-energy.consulting                                            

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/energyinspirations?ref=hl          

Follow us on Twitter: @EnergyFinancing                                               


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